Most Read DW Slater Company Appraisal Blog Posts for 2016

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, I thought it would be great to look back at 2016 and share the five most popular blog posts of The DW Slater Company Appraisal Blog. We had an extremely busy year and I wasn't able to write as many posts as I wanted but here are the most read posts of 2016:

How Accurate is Your Zestimate?

Zillow's Zestimate continues to cause frustration with realtors and appraisers as consumers assume they are accurate and many times they are not. In this post, I compared Zillow's Zestimates with actual appraisal values and found them to vary greatly in their accuracy.

7 Terrific Real Estate Appraiser Blogs to Follow

This was a fun post as I highlighted some of the best real estate appraiser blogs. If you missed this one make sure you check out these terrific appraiser bloggers.

What is Regression Analysis and How Do Appraisers Use it?