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July Newsletter


As we begin our celebrations for the birthday of our country, we want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Fourth of July Weekend!

From every mountain side, Let Freedom ring. ~Samuel F. Smith, "America"

Here are our current market updates:

Denton County- Median Sale Price is $280,000 - up 8.9% YOY

Collin County- Median Sale Price is $314,500 - up 7.8% YOY

Cooke County- Median Sale Price is $185,000- down 19.6% YOY

Grayson County- Median Sale Price is $147,000- up 12.3% YOY

Denton, Collin and Grayson County Median Sale prices are up Year Over Year, whereas, Cooke County is down. Cooke County prices tend to fluctuate more as illustrated by this graph:

Inventories remain low for Denton and Collin Counties. Cooke and Grayson inventories have been decreasing the past 3 years as evidenced by this graph.

Here is a more in-depth report for Denton County in our Denton County Market Update Blog

For the Denton County Market Update- Click Here

Do you know what an over-improvement is? Have you over-improved your property?

Check out our latest Blog Post which discusses ways that homeowners sometimes over-improve their properties

To help with your 4th of July Celebrations here is a family recipe we have been using for years. Enjoy!

Flag Cake:


*cake mix *blueberries

*whipped topping *strawberries

1. Make a white sheet cake (any box cake mix will do)

2. Frost the entire cake with Whipped Topping such as Cool Whip

3. Decorate with fresh blueberries and strawberries to make the stars and stripes

4. Refrigerate unitl ready to serve

**You can also replace the white cake with Jello** .

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