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7 Real Estate Appraisal Blogs to Follow

In this world of social media, it is important to know who to follow and where to find reliable information. With many misconceptions and misunderstandings about appraisals and appraising, real estate appraisal blogs are a great resource to many that find themselves in need of appraisal services. I thought it would be helpful to share some of the best appraisal blogs out there to have as a resource. I recommend you follow, subscribe, connect with these appraisal bloggers!

Ryan Lundquist- Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Ryan Lundquist is a Certified Residential Appraiser out of Sacremento California. His blog is one of the first blogs that I began to read. Ryan has been consistently blogging since 2009. He is a great resource for appraisers and the general real estate community. He has been interviewed and quoted in the Sacromento Business Journal and the local CBS news station in Sacramento. Ryan has some of the most indepth local market analysis and data for his local markets in Sacramento. Ryan also is a speaker for many real estate groups and teaches appraisal classes.

Tom Horn- Birmingham Appraisal Blog

Tom Horn is a Certified Residential Appraiser and has the Appraisal Institute SRA, designation. Tom appraises in Birmingham, Alabama. He provides bi-weekly blog posts. Tom's Birmingham Appraisal Blog is a great resource for the real estate community with his subtitle " appraisal bloggin for your noggin". He answers many questions about appraising. He is a speaker for many real estate groups in the Birmingham area. Tom's blogs are very thorough and informative. You will find his blogs interesting and helpful. Tom has been consistently blogging since 2010.

Bill Cobb- Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Real Estate Appraiser Tips Baton Rouge Real Estate News

Bill Cobb is Residential Appraiser in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Bill has a very strong online presence with two appraisal blogs and a very active facebook page. Bill does a fantatic job of providing market reports and data in his local markets and subdivisions. His Real Estate Appraiser Tips page is a wonderful resource for appraisers. He provides current, relavent news and information for appraisers and those in the real estate community. Bill does a great job of informing appraisers about tools for the trade. Bill has a very active presence on Twitter, Active Rain, YouTube and Google+. Bill has been blogging since 2007.

Jonathan Miller- Matrix Blog-Interpreting the Real Estate Economy Housing Notes

Jonathan Miller is a Certified Residential Appraiser in New York. He is the President and CEO of an appraisal consulting firm, Millers Samuel, Inc. in New York and Connecticut. He holds the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) and Certified Relocation Specialist (CRP) designations. You can often see Jonathan on Bloomberg TV and he is a contributor to many national outlets such as Fox Business, Business Insider, Inman, New York Times, Yahoo News, BloombergView and RealtTrac just to name a few. You will find his weekly Housing Notes informative and entertaining. Jonathan's appraisal company was established in 1986. If you love charts and graphs, you will love to read Jonathan Miller's Blog.

Gary Kristensen- A Quality Appraisal Blog Portland Oregon Real Estate Appraisal

Gary is a Certified Residential Appraiser in the Portland, Oregon area. He has obtained the Appraisal Institute SRA designation. Gary is the President and Chief Appraiser of A Quality Appraisal, LLC. Gary has a very informative real estate appraiser blog which offers relavant information and discussions for the real estate community in relation to appraising. His blog also offers informative tips for appraisals in regards to use of technology in the profession. He also has a Youtube Channel and a strong social media presence. Gary has consistently blogged since 2010.

Mary Thompson- Mary's Blog Lanier Appraisal Blog

Mary is a Certified Residential Appraiser in the Lake Lanier area in North Georgia. Mary was a realtor before she was an appraiser thus has a great understanding of what agents deal with. Mary has a large following and strong appraiser presence in the Active Rain community. She does a great job of relaying appraisal issues and concerns to the real estate agents and others in the Active Rain community.

Paul Rowe- Chicago Appraisal Blog

Paul is a Certifed Real Estate Appraiser in the Chicago, Illinois. Paul is an appraiser with Rowe Appraisal group. His blog provides good information about appraising and has terrific graphics. Paul is a speaker and consultant and a great resource for the real estate community.

This list is not exhaustive. There are certainly many more appraisers making a difference on Social Media but these are appraisal blogs that I find to be the most consistent and informative. I have learned from these bloggers. Who is your favorite appraiser blogger? Who did I miss?

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