Grayson County Market Analysis

Grayson County is located north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. It has a population of 123,543 per US Census data. The area has experienced a 2.2% population growth since 2010. It has a land area of 932.8 square miles. The county seat of Grayson County, is Sherman, TX. Sherman is located next to the city of Denison and the area is often referred to as the Sherman-Denison market area. Grayson County sits north of Collin County which is a rapidly growing northern suburb of the North Dallas. Grayson county is more rural and less dense. The market is more varied and fluctuating due to the limited number of sales and lower turnover rates.

The chart below takes a look at the Median Sale Price of all sales within Grayson County for the past five years. As you can see the median sale price varies widely each month, however for 2015 the Median Sale Price has risen and is at a steady climb.

This is a different look at the median sale price in Grayson County for each year. as you can see the median sale price for Grayson County has been on a steady climb for the past five years with a 16% increase from 2014 to current.

Now that we have looked at the median sale price data on a per month and per year basis, we decided to look at the difference between the average sale price and the median sale price. If you need a quick refresher at the difference between average (mean) or median please look at Median Vs Average Values in Real Estate. As you can see the average sale price is higher than the median sale price. The higher end of the markets are pulling the average sale prices up. When there are a smaller number of sales, it doesn't take too many million dollar sales to drive the average sale price up. The median values are the middle value and generally show a more realist look at the market.