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DW Slater Company September Newsletter

DW Slater Company Newsletter

As September is now coming to an end, we are enjoying a little bit of crisp autum coolness in the air ( well as much as we get right now in Texas). Here is a look at our local markets for median sale prices in September:

Denton County:

September 2015 - $237,500

August 2015 - $237,750

September 2014- $212,000

The median sale price was almost flat from last month but is up 10.73% from last year.

Collin County:

September 2015-$247,000

August 2015- $260,000

September 2014-$236,180

The median sale price is down 5.2% from last month but is up 4.38% from last year.

Cooke County:

September 2015-$159,950

August 2015- $162,400

September 2014-$165,000

The median sale price is down slightly at 1.53% from last month and is down 3.15% from last year.

Grayson County:

September 2015-$114,000

August 2015- $130,500

September 2014-$105,000

The median sale price is down 14.47% from last month and is up 7.89% from las year.

Overall the market appreciation is beginning to slow as is typical for this time of year. Denton and Collin counties are larger, higher volume markets and are showing a slight slowdown but are still up from the same time last year. Cooke and Grayson county are smaller markets with less volume and tend to vary more month to month.

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We are also proud to announce that Shannon Slater has upgraded her real estate appraiser's license to State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser. This entails 2,500 hours of experience, 200 hours of qualifiying education and successful completion of the Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser Exam. A Certified Residential Appraiser is authorized for the appraisal of 1-4 unit residential properties without regard to transaction value or complexity of the appraisal for federally related transactions and non-federally related transactions.

We hope that you are off to a great start to Fall. As always, if you have any questions about real estate appraisals or appraising please contact us.

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