Collin County Market Analysis

Collin County is north of Dallas County. Per 2010 US Census data, Collin County population was at 782,341. It is the 7th most populous county in the state of Texas. According to the official Collin County website,

" In the mid-2014, the Census Bureau estimated our population at 885,241. Eight of the 10 fastest-growing cities in North Texas are in Collin County, with rates averaging more than 250 percent. "

Some of the cities located in Collin County include: McKinney, (the county seat), Plano, Allen, Frisco, Fairview,Wylie, Murphy, Prosper and Celina.

Here is a look at what the Collin County Market has been doing the past 10 years:

The Median Sale Price for Collin County has increased 23.07% from 2012 to 2014. The current 2015 median sale price for Collin County is at $255,000.

The number of sales each year in Collin County has increased since 2013, with 2014 being the highest number of sales. The current number of sales for 2015 is currently not on pace with last year.

Inventory refers to how many listings are available in the market. In 2010 and 2011, inventories were high with average number of months around 5 months. 2012 had 3.58 months of inventory and 2014 and 2015 have the lowest number of months of inventory at 2.25. When inventories are low then prices appreciate which is what we have seen in the median sale prices.